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Air-layering, also known as marcotting, is a way of getting clones of woody plants that are often difficult to root from cuttings. This method involves propagating a new plant from a branch still attached to the parent plant, by getting roots to form on the branch.

The purpose of marcotting is to improve the early bearing that clones are starting to produce much earlier than trees growing of seeds. The marcotting method can produce the smaller trees such the trees, even fully grown, stay smaller and so need not as much space in the garden or block and are easier to harvest.

What is a Marcotting plant?

Marcotting, which is a type of vegetative plant propagation, is commonly known as air layering involves the rooting of a part of the stem while it is still attached to the parent plant.

In marcotting, the induction of root development is usually done by slitting the part of a plant to be rooted.